Moon (2009)

Dir. Duncan Jones

Wow how did it take me eight years to find this film? Even without all the nods to Midnight Cowboy I was in love with it from the first ten minutes.

But seriously let’s not gloss over the Midnight Cowboy thing (especially as it’s my favourite film of all time) Sam Rockwell did such an amazing impression of Dustin Hoffman’s Rizzo character that I could not help but love it. My bf and I constantly refer to this character type as “sexual rat”*, defined as a often kinda small, weak looking guy whose had a tough life that’s just about to get even tougher. He usually possesses at least 5 of the following characteristics:

  1. Permanently messed up dark hair, no matter how much he or OC tries to flatten it.
  2. Sweaty and/or dirty face which makes point one all the more unmanageable.
  3. Unwashed or torn clothes
  4. A thick new york accent
  5. Some kind of chest infection/consumption/addiction/disease which daily makes his life struggles harder but which he continually tries to ignore.
  6. Some kind of wise crack/con man status but really he’s not a bad guy, just a victim of his shitty circumstances.
  7. Makes other, usually male, characters want to care for him because he’s such a pathetic excuse for a human being.

Texts to my bf while I watched read as follows (also contain spoilers):

I’m watching Moon and Sam Rockwell has a mild sexual rat vibe??
Omg now he’s sweaty and dirty and probably (i think??) dying.
I think I’m making him die with my sexual rat prophecy.
He’s wearing a Hawaiian shirt. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. HE’S DOOMED.
“My fucking legs won’t work” – he just quoted Rizzo and he’s dying and I am not ready.
We are both dead.

In summary, things were too obvious to be coincidence. (I mean the Hawaiian shirt should have been the only clue I needed).

A later IMDb search also showed me that I have somehow seen almost every film Sam Rockwell has been in in the last ten years but not really noticed him until this film. I guess this proves that the best way to get noticed by me is to get all diseased and sweaty. Maybe I was a nurse in a previous life.

I should also say, that the film itself was awesome for other reasons not already mentioned: Kevin Spacey’s incredibly voice which was the actual reason I chose to watch the film in the first place. What a good choice for a slightly creepy robot. All I could think of was Frank Underwood right after he told the camera what devious political string-pulling he was up to next. It was a simple concept and expertly done, could just as easily have been a tired trope. My only criticism is that somehow both myself and my friend who I was watching with managed to miss the explanation of how Sam was going to stow away on the repair thing. Like I got that he went into a capsule onboard but why were they taking that with them?? Not that important in the grand scheme of things anyway.

All in all, pretty awesome for a directorial debut as well.

* btw just because the word “sexual” is used in this term does not in fact imply that I am sexually attracted to short sweaty men with terminal illnesses. It is in fact a term we borrowed from an article many years ago which sought to list all the different kinds of male fictional characters which het women find attractive. This was the very final item on the list. If I find the article I shall link here.


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