Hidden Figures (2016)

Director: Theodore Melfi

Amazing story, incredible people. Some of the comments and behaviour towards the women were like a punch in the gut. It is impossible to imagine segregated bathrooms and coffee dispensers, lunch rooms, offices in today’s world. As a white person I felt the guilt just watching it. How was that ever deemed acceptable? This film gets so so many kudos from me for highlighting so many unsung heroes. Women. Black women. SMART women.

This film made me want to go home and learn algebra and geometrical watjumacallits, buy a huge blackboard and become a fucking aeronautical engineer. (Simple, right?)

I’m tired from running through the streets of cambridge after phantom delayed trains but I just want to (albeit inarticulately) say that this film was amazing in so many ways. It deserved to smash at the box offices. And three WOC as the leads, WHY DOES THIS NOT HAPPEN MORE OFTEN? Four for you, Hidden Figures.


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