Straight Time (1978)

Dir. Ulu Grosbard

Safe to say this film is mostly forgotten for a reason. My favourite lowlight would be the creepy under-the-table hand touch which really emphasises the 20 year age gap in bleurghy realism.

Also no one involved in this film had obviously met a real woman before, and just assumed that vague hunkiness (40 y.o. Dustin Hoffman..?) was totally enough motivation for a girl to welcome in a criminal into her otherwise pretty great life.

Second fave lowlight was-
Dustbin: You know I am violating my parole rn so you could go to prison if they found me at your house.
Girl: *shrug* I’ll take my chances.
[Me: This guy literally just came to your house unannounced and has now told you that you could go to jail because of it – HOW ARE YOU OKAY WITH THIS?]
Dustbin: (in same breath) I’d like to take you out tonight but i have business to attend (not even code for criminal dealings) so I’m gonna borrow your car, is that okay?
Dumb girl: Yep just bring it back by morning.
[Me: girl your ass deserve to go to jail for being so stupid]



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